Your two Parish Councils have agreed to formulate a joint Neighbourhood Plan. There are a number of benefits from doing this, not least that it will give us more control over decisions on planning and development in the two villages, rather than those decisions being taken for us by the District and County Councils. This is crucial for both villages.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has already conducted extensive consultations with residents. A major part of the jigsaw is the Housing Needs Survey, which was circulated to all residents in the Spring. On 5th of September at 7pm you will have your chance to review and comment on the survey in the Memorial Hall. Please do make every effort to come along – it is your chance to influence the way in which your villages develop.
Results of the Housing Needs Surveys can be found here. Physical copies can also be found at the Great Shelford Library.
If you need further information or details of the meeting, please contact Mike Nettleton on 721366/07905 356468.
Nigel Pett – Chair Stapleford Parish Council
Mike Nettleton – Chair Great Shelford Parish Council