At the Annual Parish Meeting in April we talked about a number of big issues for the village:

  • Traffic and parking issues.
  • Provision of improved recreation facilities – Playscape and Grange Field.
  • Pressures on village facilities – school and surgery full, etc.

We will be devoting 15-20 minutes in each Parish Council meeting over the next few months to look at our main issues in detail. There will be an opportunity for village residents to ask questions and comment on the issues. The current timetable is:

  • 18 October GSPC finances. We are currently running a larger than normal cash surplus (by historical standards). Are we happy continuing to do so? What is the likely impact on the  precept for 2018-19. Current cash v Grange Field acquisition costs and other issues.  Lead: Helen Harwood
  • 15 November Neighbourhood Plan, Housing and Planning. Status of NP, acceptance of Housing Needs Survey and further actions to support it. Blue sky exercise – at the moment GSPC is largely constrained to making piecemeal changes. The NP gives us a once in a generation opportunity to (try to) be more radical. We need to look at the land available in the village centre and how we could plan its use to ameliorate the pressure on village facilities. Lead: Bridget Hodge
  • 17 January Highways. Current status, 2018 Local Highways Initiative, re-evaluation of existing assumptions (no one-way system, no traffic calming, no expansion to car parking, etc.): Lead: Barrie Ashurst
  • 21 February Recreation. Playscape and Grange Field ++. Lead: Malcolm Watson

These are key issues for the Village. Please come along and make your views known.