My 1924 Bullnose Morris Cowley that was found in Woollards Lane, Great Shelford fifty two years ago never fails to amaze me.

How it all started was that there was a garage in Great Shelford in Woollards Lane.  I had stopped to get some petrol and waited at the pumps as there was no one in sight to serve me.  I walked into the garage workshop, that is where I first set eyes on my Bullnose Morris Cowley, registration number NY 4966.

What has always stayed in my mind is if the garage attendant had been available near the pumps, then I would not have had to go into the workshop looking to be served and would never have found this car in the first place.

I looked at the Bullnose Morris Cowley, I was then told the owner wished to sell this car, it all started from that brief visit.  I do wonder if there are any old photographs of the garage that have survived, would so much like to see them.

Ever since I found this car in that garage, Great Shelford has meant something special to myself.  It is only in the last year or so that things have started to happen.  As there are strong connections with my car and the one Agatha Christie owned, it has turned out to be the same year, same type and style plus same colour.  There is a wonderful photograph of myself holding the book “The Man in the Brown Suit”  I had to obtain permission from Agatha Christie Copy write in which they did give permission, they were so impressed with the photograph that they are going to use it on their own social media channels.

There was a comment made by Agatha Christie where she confesses that the two most important things in her life that excited her the most was owning a Bullnose Morris Cowley and having tea at Buckingham Palace with the queen.  I feel this was a remarkable statement from an incredible lady.  

This has lead to a invitation to take part in the “Agatha Christie International Festival” in 2021 at Torquay in which I hope to attend and display my Bullnose Morris Cowley.  I am hoping to give Great Shelford a mention at the event.

I have much pleasure in returning to Great Shelford with my Bullnose Morris Cowley.  I feel as I am returning to a place that I love.

Ray Hammond