EWR is a National Infrastructure Project with clear Central Government support which is intended to facilitate east-west travel and to bring economic benefits to the area between Oxford and Cambridge (the “Oxford-Cambridge Arc”). The current preferred route to Cambridge is via a route corridor that inevitably includes coming through Great Shelford.
Great Shelford Parish Council takes issue with the Option E route corridor being selected without proper consideration of the alternatives and believes that EWR should undertake analysis and full public consultation on a northern route.

A perceived imbalance between benefits and disadvantages has led GSPC to oppose option E and support a new review and full public consultation of the northern route.

GSPC has adopted a communications policy with regard to this project and has written to EWR after publication of the preferred routes requesting far greater levels of engagement and confirming the Council’s strong opinion that a Northern approach should be reconsidered and consulted upon in equivalent detail to the current preferred option of a southern approach to Cambridge.

GSPC has pledged money to support action by Cambridge Approaches, lobbying for further consideration of a Northern approach.

GSPC will engage fully in the 2021 consultation and will publish details of consultation opportunities for the public on the GSPC website and has committed to explain the council’s position to the district and county council, the Mayor, the Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority, our local MP, and candidates for the forthcoming local elections and solicit their support.

GSPC notes the cumulative impact of current infrastructure projects in our locality.

Malcolm Watson, Chair,
Great Shelford Parish Council