Great Shelford Parish Council (GSPC) are working hard to understand the impact of various proposals for transport projects in our area and to explore options for improving traffic flow. The over-arching goal is to improve the environment for our community, retaining features that are integral to the village and considering innovations where these add value.

A Traffic and Transport Working Group has been created which comprises some Parish Councillors and members of the public.  We are meeting every fortnight on a Thursday evening (currently by Zoom) to discuss new information, consider the issues and then advise GSPC on our opinions, and then share information with the wider public via our website, social media and exhibitions.  Sometimes we have representatives from other groups in attendance, to keep us informed.

Are you interested in the future of transport and traffic in Great Shelford and able to look objectively at the many issues raised?  We would welcome some more input from members of the public and so please make your interest known to Cllr Disley, who can explain more about the group and role of the membership.   Please contact Cllr Disley by email: lyn.disley@greatshelfordparishcouncil.gov.uk or our Clerk, Libby White by email: clerk@greatshelfordparishcouncil.gov.uk.