Climate Change Clock

Great Shelford Parish Council (GSPC) recognises the scale and importance of the climate emergency and at its meeting on 17th November 2021 declared a Climate Emergency.

GSPC stated that it has a clear role to play to:

  • Become carbon zero by 2030;
  • Give full consideration of impacts on the climate, ecology and biodiversity in all our discussions and decisions;
  • Encourage local residents, organisations and businesses to work with us to reduce pollution, protect and improve the environment;
  • To challenge policies and actions which will or are likely to increase carbon emissions of our community; and
  • Provide support to our community in making changes which are needed.

Already in 2021, GSPC has helped fund major refurbishment works of the Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative (SSYI) building above the Memorial Hall with modern energy efficient methods including a warm roof system providing exemplar insulation; additional 60mm thick insulation to the inside of the building with a plasterboard finish*.

In 2022, GSPC will be formulating a firm Action Plan to help us deliver our Carbon Zero pledge by 2030.

If there are any members of the community who would like to be involved please contact clerk@greatshelfordparishcouncil.gov.uk.

* this is typically how older properties walls could be insulated as we move to net zero, the disadvantage is a reduction in room size but the gain is a building requiring minimal heating.  The other option for wall insulation would have been to face the exterior walls with insulation, for this project it would have been to complex to marry up with the Memorial Hall ground floor.