We have been asked to share the following message with you from Peterborough Environment City Trust.

I am contacting you today in regard to the Heat Pump Ready programme being delivered in Cambridgeshire by PECT, in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, Fenland District Council, Growth Guides and Lendology. The project is being led by City Science.

We are currently working on Stream 1, phase 1 of the programme where we are wanting to find out the feasibility of a high-density heat-pump installation in Cambridgeshire. This will feed directly into research allowing government to understand the most efficient way decarbonise homes and reach it’s commitment to Net Zero.

Heat Pumps, if you are not aware, are a low-carbon alternative heating system that would allow us to decarbonise homes. However, there are considerable barriers to heat pumps. Therefore, we are wanting to find out from the residents of Cambridgeshire how their homes are currently being heated, and their awareness of low-carbon heating options.

We are wanting to reach as many households as possible from all different backgrounds and economic status, and asking them to complete the following survey – How do you heat your home? (google.com)

It would be really helpful for us if you could share this email with your wider network and service users to allow us to reach a range of different households.