Linton Greenway Active Travel Path – works west and east of Hildersham Signalised Crossing on the A1307

The Greater Cambridge Partnership and contractors Milestone will be starting work to connect the active travel path at Hildersham, east to the Linton Road junction at the Abingtons and west to Dale Head Foods along the A1307. These works will start from 19 September for 10 weeks.

What works will be done?

  • Provision of a new active travel pathway along the A1307, east and west, from the new Hildersham signalised crossing scheme.
  • Where possible, a new travel pathway alignment will be constructed but localised widening, realignment and resurfacing of the existing active travel path will also be undertaken.
  • Hedge and arboriculture work as required to create space for the new improved pathway.
  • Relocation of existing utility apparatus and signage to facilitate the active pathway improvements.
  • Improvements to the Linton Road junction including the provision of an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing point on Linton Road.
  • Permanent closure of the westbound carriageway layby (east of Hildersham) to facilitate the realignment of the A1307.
  • Reconfiguration and realignment of the eastbound carriageway layby on the A1307, to create the space to facilitate the upgrading of the active travel pathway heading east to Dale Head Foods.
  • Resurfacing of the A1307 carriageway eastbound and westbound, to the east of the Hildersham signalised crossing.
  • Improved signage and road markings.

Traffic management on A1307 during construction
Some of the pathway improvement works can be undertaken without the need for traffic management on the A1307. Where traffic management is required, to minimise disruption the works are planned to take place during off peak times with carriageway surfacing works scheduled for completion over-night.

  • During certain phases of the works, temporary 2 and 3-way traffic lights will be required during off-peak hours (9.30 am to 3.30 pm).
  • Closure of Linton Road Abington junction as and when required.
  • Overnight closure of the A1307 between Haverhill and Fourwentways to facilitate resurfacing work but only when absolutely necessary

How will the works affect active travel path users?

Throughout the works, a safe route for active travel path users will always be maintained.
During times when works are being undertaken along the active travel path, as necessary, users will be escorted past the works area.
Whilst temporary lights are in use on the A1307, pedestrians / cyclists will be diverted via the closed section of the A1307 main carriageway.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause. However, these works will improve road safety for all road users at this location of the A1307.

How do I keep up to date with the project?

Please visit the project’s web page at www.greatercambridge.org.uk/A1307

If you have any concerns during construction, you can get in touch with Milestone Infrastructure by emailing A1307schemes@milestoneinfra.co.uk or telephone Cambridgeshire County Council’s Contact Centre on 01223 699906