Cambridgeshire Police have the following message to help you find the most appropriate method to contact them for your situation.

Often when people require police assistance, they immediately think to dial 999 or 101, but did you know that there are multiple ways to get in touch with police that do not involve making a phone call?

Police Speech BubbleWe operate a live web chat service where you can speak to our specialist operators whether you require advice, guidance or to report a non-urgent crime.  Simply visit our website at www.cambs.police.uk and click the green chat icon at the bottom of the screen to launch a chat.  Your incident will be handled in the exact same way as 101 calls but can often be faster. Our average response time for web chat over a 6-month period (February 2022 – July 2022) was just 56 seconds.

Not only that, but you can report a crime or provide us with intel using our online report forms.  These reports are also dealt with in the same way as 101 calls and will be reviewed by operators in the demand hub within a matter of hours.  If there is sufficient evidence and/or witnesses involved, a crime will be raised, and you will be contacted with a crime reference number.  This means no waiting on the phone for an operator – simply put all the information into the online form and we will take it from there.

With call handlers receiving up to 600 calls to 999 every single day, we believe that our online services can help to ease the pressure they are under.  Please try to only #CallWhenItCounts and go online where you can. (Remember to always call 999 in an emergency situation- and for non-urgent instances, call 101 if you do not have access to online services).