Great Shelford Parish Council has received information about Action on Energy Cambridgeshire which is a partnership of all the Cambridgeshire local authorities who have been awarded Government funding to install insulation and other energy efficient measures within homes across Cambridgeshire.

The partnership is working with Aran Group to assess the eligibility of homes, identify suitable upgrades and install these upgrades.  Whilst there are elibility criteria to be met, for those living in an owner-occupied home (with a low energy rating and a household income of under £34,500), the grant would cover 100% of the cost so this is potentially a real opportunity for people living in cold homes to have them made significantly warmer at no cost to themselves.

The measures might include such things as: loft insulation; cavity wall insulation; external wall insulation (currently not available for gas heated properties); internal wall insulation; flat roof insulation; solar panels; or air source heat pumps

Roger Jansen the local representative will be at our Warm Hub on Monday 12th December (at the Free Church) if anyone wishes to have a chat about how they can make their homes more energy efficient.