Following concerns raised in February 2022 about contaminants within our water supply, the parish council’s chairman and his wife were asked to take part in additional investigations to understand if there were elevated PFAS within their blood stream. Both have given permission to share their results with the community and are attached to this news item.

An expert in PFAS and environmental health, Professor Philip Grandjean (previously of Harvard School of Public Health) stated “The results for PFOS and PFOA are not remarkable and suggest background exposure similar to most other people. However, both of them have elevated PFHxS. It could be due to the use of ski waxes, or it could be that the drinking water is contaminated particularly with this PFAS. I hope this helps”.

In addition to these findings, the report ‘Investigation into the Water Quality Event of PFOS Contamination in Duxford, Cambridge Rural Water Quality Zone’ published by the Drinking Water Inspectorate can be found here too.