As part of a new initiative for 2023, Great Shelford Parish Council has chosen two local charities to benefit from monies raised from events they will be holding between April 2023 and the end of March 2024.  The first event held on 7th May, saw residents come together for Great Shelford’s inaugural duck race (possibly the slowest duck race ever held) which was held during the Family Fun Day on the Recreation Ground.  A further event for October is about to be announced, which will be followed up by a Christmas event.

Councillors deliberated at their meeting in June and have agreed that their beneficiary charities for this year are:

Cambridge Joint Playschemes logoCambridge Joint Playschemes

This small charity, founded in 1995, which provides Holiday Playschemes for children and young people with moderate to severe learning disabilities as well as Saturday activity clubs.  More information about the work of the charity, and their current recruitment programme can be found on their website camjointplay.org.uk

Great Shelford Village Charity logoGreat Shelford Village Charity



The charity exists to help people in need within the village and surrounding area.

  • They own and manage 53 almshouse homes providing affordable accommodation for families, couples and individuals.
  • They also own the 6 acres of land adjacent to the almshouses comprising allotments, a community garden, an orchard and parkland, where they have provided footpaths and benches for public use.
  • Additionally, the Charity provides grants and makes donations in support of local organisations, good causes and villagers in need.

At the end of the financial year, monies raised for the charities will be split equally between the two.