At the Heart of the Parish

Great Shelford Parish Council is a very active parish council, here to serve the community of Great Shelford.  Our vision is:

Great Shelford Parish Council (the council) believes that our village is a great place to live and work.  The council proactively works to maintain and promote Great Shelford’s character as a vibrant and pleasant destination village, respecting the heritage and envisaging the future contribution of this thriving and inclusive community to the wider region.

The council recognises it has a responsibility to both preserve and improve the locality and the natural environment.

The Clerk to the Council, Libby White, is the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer for the Parish Council, currently with three other members of staff.

On behalf of residents of the village, Great Shelford Parish Council seeks to influence other agencies by using the powers and resources at its disposal.  It also acts to improve co-operation between various organisations.

Council Staff

The Parish Clerk and council team maintain the day to-day operation of the parish council.  We work to improve the council’s facilities, services and profile, and adapt to and accommodate the growing ambitions of a forward-thinking parish council.

Staffing Structure 2023

Frequently Asked Questions