A new station, to be called Cambridge South, will be constructed on the existing railway line where it runs along the western edge of the Biomedical Campus, just to the south of the guided busway bridge over the railway.

Artist Impression Of New Station Entrance


The concept of a station to serve the Biomedical Campus has been around for some years.  Recently a consultation exercise resulted in the choice of a site adjacent to the Guided Busway bridge

Network Rail applied for a Transport and Works Act Order in June 2021.  While most interested parties are in favour of the station, there were objections on various points of access and environmental impact, and a Public Inquiry was therefore convened, planned originally for November 2021 but postponed until February 2022 to allow objectors more time to formulate their cases.

The inquiry inspector published her report in October 2022, concluding that the loss of amenity and encroachment into the Green Belt in Hobson’s Park would be outweighed by teh benefits of improved access to the Biomedical Campus and reduced traffic congestion in the local area.  On 21 December 2022 the Secretaries of State for Transport and Levelling Up, Housing and Communities issued the Transport and Works Act Order and Open Space Certificate allowing the scheme to proceed, and work on the construction compounds began in January 2023.

There are links to the public inquiry inspector’s report and the Secretary of State for Transport’s decision letter below.

The station will not be in Great Shelford parish, but will affect us in four main ways:

  • Residents who work at or visit the Biomedical Campus, and others, particularly those who live in the northern part of our parish, may find the new station useful for their work or leisure journeys.
  • The work includes re-modelling of the junction known as Shepreth Branch Junction, where the King’s Cross and Liverpool St lines diverge. This junction is within our parish, close to the Abberley Wood residential area, and we examine the impact on a separate page here.
  • We can expect some construction traffic in the parish, particularly for the work at Shepreth Branch Junction.  Great Shelford Parish Council’s Travel and Transport Infrastructure Working Group has been in dialogue with Network Rail since February 2021 and will continue to work to minimise the impact on residents.
  • The new station is expected to have a footfall of at least one million passengers a year from its inception.  Currently those people must be arriving at the campus by some other means, including private cars, so we may see some reduction in local road traffic.

Current Position

Great Shelford Parish Council recognises the need for the station and is supportive, while conscious of the cumulative impact of several possible infrastructure projects in our neighbourhood.  We will aim to maintain a dialogue with Network Rail during construction and will continue to share information with residents as it becomes available.