Plans are in development for a new station to serve the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on the existing rail line which runs along its western edge.

Artist Impression Of New Station Entrance


Plans are in development for a new station to serve the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on the existing rail line which runs along its western edge. Three possible sites were considered, all between the Addenbrooke’s Road and guided busway bridges over the railway. After consultation the most northerly site was chosen, adjacent to the guided busway bridge.

Network Rail has submitted an application for a Transport and Works Act Order to the Secretary of State for Transport ( June 2021), following which construction will start in the autumn of 2022 and be completed in 2025. The station will be served by trains on the existing King’s Cross and Liverpool Street lines and it is planned to complement these with East-West Rail trains from around 2030.

The new station is not in the Great Shelford parish, but will impact upon us:

  • The increasing number of residents who work at the Biomedical Campus, and others, particularly those who live in the northern part of the parish, may find the new station useful for their work or leisure journeys.
  • The project includes improvements to the junction of the King’s Cross and Liverpool Street lines to reduce journey times and improve service reliability. This junction, known for historical reasons as Shepreth Branch Junction, lies within Great Shelford and we cover this part of the project in detail in a separate document.
  • The new station is expected to have a footfall of at least one million passengers a year from its inception. Currently those people must be arriving at the campus by some other means, including private car, so we may see some reduction in local road traffic.
  • The station will support the continuing expansion of the Biomedical Campus, and footfall will increase in direct correlation with any growth.
  • The station will add credence to future proposals for housing/infrastructure development.
  • There will be some environmental impact which is yet to be fully outlined (Please see Shepreth Branch Junction)

TWAO Update – October 2021
Following representations to the Transport Infrastructure Planning Unit, the Secretary of State has decided to postpone the Inquiry due to take place on 23 November 2021 and the Inspector has decided to postpone the Pre- Inquiry due to be held on 11 October 2021.  The decision was taken following a request from a few of the objectors to the above application expressing concern about the Inquiry date and that the timetable provided insufficient time to adequately prepare evidence.  New dates for the Inquiry and Pre-Inquiry meeting will be announced soon.


GSPC will share information with residents as it becomes available and consult when valuable.

Current Position

The Parish Council recognises the need for the station and is supportive, but does note the cumulative impact of so many infrastructure projects in our locality.