Chat with Parish Councillors

Come and meet with your parish councillors and let them know what you like in the village and voice your concerns.  8pm on Monday 7th November in the Square and Compasses

7th Nov Chat with Councillors

Community Cafe

Community Cafe Ad

Since June 2021, we have been using the Cara Coffee premises on the High Street to provide an informal outdoor Coffee Morning experience for people in the local community serving free tea, coffee and cake. People from all generations have enjoyed meeting up with friends as well as making new friends. Children have enjoyed playing with toys provided by Great Shelford Free Church.

As the colder days approach, we now use the church building, but still provide some tables outside by the High Street for those who prefer to sit in the fresh air.

We will provide magazines and local newspapers for people to read as well as some art and craft activities from time to time. People can also bring their own creative activities into the building if they so wish. Some table games will be available, from time to time, for those who wish to participate in them.

Above all, we would like ‘all who enter as guests to leave as our friends’.