Smarter Cambridge Transport is an apolitical, voluntary organisation, advancing integrated, sustainable and equitable transport for the Cambridge region. Their objective is to seek out, develop and promote transport policies that will de-carbonise the economy, improve safety and public health, promote social equality and inclusion, and protect and enhance the natural and built environment. An essential consideration is how to integrate and balance all modes: walking, cycling, bus, train, taxi, private cars and commercial transport.

Useful links

You might find this link and some of their campaigns of interest. https://www.smartertransport.uk/

Consultation (promoted by SCT)

Cambs County Council – Cycling and Walking Plans Survey

Is there anywhere you don’t walk or cycle simply because it’s impossible or unsafe to do so? Then the county council has a survey for you! It is one that’s worth spending a bit of time on. The council is producing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Cambridgeshire to identify missing, unsafe and inadequate pavements, footpaths and cycle paths. It is inviting your input by answering a questionnaire and/or adding comments and suggestions on a map.

You can let them know about changes that would help you or your children walk or cycle more places, such as to school, or to pick up a paper or a pint of milk, or to catch a train or bus. The idea is that if we can fix the infrastructure for those short and first/last-mile trips, then future changes and investment in bus and rail services will give many more people viable alternatives to driving everywhere. It will even make car-free living viable for more people.

Smarter Cambridge Transport Petition to Greater Cambridge Partnership

SCT invite people to sign their petition to the Greater Cambridge Partnership to reallocate funding from busways and car parks to more sustainable alternatives. You can sign the petition here.