PLEASE NOTE: Residents are always welcome to attend any meeting of the Steering Group – please advise the Clerk in advance if possible if you plan to attend.

At the two Parishes’ Annual Parish Meetings in April 2017, presentations were given about the Neighbourhood Plan, outlining the reasons for preparing the plan, the benefits it will bring, the Vision we’re working to, and the structure of the teams preparing the plan. Download the Why a neighbourhood plan APMs 2017 presentation file (6 slides).

A previous full open meeting about the Neighbourhood Plan was held on 5 October 2016 in Great Shelford Memorial Hall. Read the Chairman’s write-up of the meeting here. There are also notes of key points the visiting speaker Bridget Smith made, which can be read and commented on in this blog post.

Previous open meetings took place during late 2015 and early 2016, one at Stapleford’s Jubilee Pavilion and one in Great Shelford’s Memorial Hall.  The purpose of these was to consult with local residents to establish whether there was support for a Neighbourhood Plan (as per Step 1 of the process diagram).  At these meetings an Neighbourhood Plan outline of the Neighbourhood Plan process was shared with the community, and from them the Parish Council collated the Comments from break out session form 26th Jan which residents made on feedback forms during the sessions.

A fuller set of residents’ thoughts and comments relating to the Neighbourhood Plan and issues which it should consider was collated in February 2016 and can be found here Neighbourhood-Plan-Comments-3-Feb-6th

And we also collected thoughts and opinions from members of the community during the summer of 2016, at both the Stapleford Village Show in June, and at the Shelford Feast in July. Again, these comments were collated (see here), and were then used as the “starting point” for the formation of the Spotlight Groups at the public meeting on 5th October 2016.