Forthcoming meetings

All forthcoming meetings should be posted on this site as events – see Events side panel for the next scheduled meetings. Unless otherwise stated, local residents are always very welcome to attend any of these meetings – your input and involvement is key to developing a robust Neighbourhood Plan.

We welcome contributions and suggestions, either to the four spotlight groups or on other issues which you feel should be addressed. What would you like the two villages to look like in the future, what improvements would you like to see made in the villages?

If you don’t feel these issues are covered by the spotlight groups, submit them anyway, the steering group will try to ensure they are taken into account. We’re open to suggestion of new issues or specific areas on which we should focus (i.e. shine the spotlight) and will be happy to set up new group(s) if necessary. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Why not submit a photo or two with suitable captions, showing areas of the villages you would like to see improved. Submit them using the Contact details.