Traffic and Transport Issues

GSPC continues to consider the many transport infrastructure projects which will have or are likely to have an impact on Great Shelford.  Whilst each project deserves consideration in its own right and undertakes specific consultation with regard to its impact, there is nothing to compel these projects to consider each other and there is no overarching body that assesses, evaluates and reports on the cumulative impact of multiple projects on a particular locality.

The lack of cohesive strategic overview does not serve the local population and risks creating significant, undesirable, long-term impacts on Great Shelford, with decision-making bodies often considering partial information, and piecemeal solutions to poorly defined needs.  We wonder if each planning organisation expects Gt Shelford to accept the ‘greater good’, but fails to see how many projects depend on that expectation.

GSPC believes that no transport projects should be progressed without reference to a well-researched strategic plan for county-wide transport infrastructure, with vision for 2030 and beyond and which integrates interdependent projects to provide a sustainable network.  This coherent strategy should illustrate respect for existing communities, the environment, and a desire for Cambridgeshire to lead the UK through cohesive, contemporary transport planning.

GSPC calls upon our political representatives to acknowledge that there is no current transport plan that is appropriately informed and democratically representative and to pause projects until one is in place.

Statement from the Chairman, Malcolm Watson

While some of these projects may be welcome in their own right, we need to ensure that they, and local development plans do not adversely affect the quality of life for our residents.  To help us represent the views of residents, we are working to inform (i.e. share the information we have and the current Parish Council position), consult (i.e. seek comment and feedback on issues as they become clear and point residents towards consultation being undertaken by other bodies) and form policies which define how we want the village to look and feel in the future.

Please explore this information and share it with others so that together we can shape the future of Great Shelford.

Thank you.

Transport Infrastructure Projects

These are projects piloted from outside the village. We also have problems of traffic flow, parking, and pedestrian and cycle safety within the village, and we will be soliciting your views on how to tackle these, which are more within our own control.

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