The roads in Great Shelford are predominantly residential but are increasingly being required to provide commuter, commercial and high-speed connections to support both Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire’s economy and population.

Congestion, speeding and parking issues are obvious throughout the village and recently Church Street and the High Street have been identified as being of particular concern but speeding and congestion cause issues throughout the entirety of the village.

There are areas where road visibility is poor, traffic flow is restricted and where compatibility with road usage by large vehicles such as buses, coaches, HGVs and farm vehicles, along with commuter traffic, has to be questioned.

Great Shelford is served by a number of bus routes and the Park and Ride buses pass nearby – but often buses get engulfed in vehicle traffic and are delayed.

The safety of pedestrians, cyclists, horse-riders and indeed drivers and passengers on some of our roads and footpaths has caused concern, as has exhaust and noise pollution.

Many roads within the village are subject to a 20mph speed limit but this is largely ignored and signage is not obvious.

Many measures could be considered and some may help manage individual issues, but often there is a downside to any planned “improvements”, for example, speed bumps might slow down traffic but increase noise, removal of parking bays may improve traffic flow but also encourage speeding.

Low traffic neighbourhoods could be considered but there is always a tension between expedient travel and initiatives to reduce traffic.

Great Shelford – What Matters to You? July 2021
GSPC’s Traffic Over Load Survey Results


The actions noted above are not considered adequate to address issues throughout the village and so consultation is soon to take place to explore the issues, identify priorities and consider responses.

The list of options for consideration could include – but please note the fact that they are on this list does not mean all are viable!

  • School streets initiative http://schoolstreets.org.uk/ or designated school zone
  • Wider pavements for the narrower sections
  • Safe paths for bikes, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users
  • Cycleways
  • Build outs, chicanes, traffic islands and planting
  • Road narrowing and one-way systems
  • Speed bumps or speed cushions
  • Review of bus routes and exploration of ways to improve flow and/or reroute away from busy or narrow roads
  • Psychological traffic management initiatives such as gated village
  • Reconsideration of a Shelford Orbital system
  • GSPC project to implement some of the above paid for from the Parish Precept.

Proposed method of consultation

  • Surveys on the GSPC website – April 2021
  • Zoom meeting open to all – June 2021
  • In person meetings when allowed, post-Covid TBC
  • Door to door canvassing, leafleting TBC
  • Canvassing motorists TBC
  • Letter drop with reply paid envelope TBC

Great Shelford Parish Council – Current Position

A GSPC working group has been established to consider options for maintaining safe and appropriate traffic flow through the village, primarily to reduce accidents and lower risk, but also to encourage consideration of and aspirations for the future of the village in the medium to long term. i.e. what Great Shelford will look and feel like in the next 10-20 years and beyond.

A Local Highways Initiative application, seeking support funding from Cambridgeshire County Council was submitted in 2020 looking at traffic calming on Church Street and the High Street but this was unsuccessful.

A submission has been made to Cambridge City Council and South Cambs for a study and improvement of Granhams /Cambridge Road junction.

GSPC would support expenditure of up to £50k for a project to implement some temporary or permanent measures, paid for from the Parish Precept, subject to approval of detailed plans.

Public consultation undertaken in 2021 is informing our thinking and will be used as a basis for further consultation.  GSPC is employing the services of a Transport Consultant (December 2021) to consider key issues of safety enhancement and traffic reduction measures on Church Street, High Street and Woollards Lane.